Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weggis, and back to Lucerne

Once the cable car reaches the bottom, we are in Weggis, and have a short walk across town to reach the boat dock for our trip back to Lucerne. Weggis is a charming little town, the houses have lovely small gardens. One is full of gnomes

The roses are blooming everywhere.

It's very quiet as it's Sunday, and in Switzerland all shops close on Sundays, even in the tourist areas. So we make our way to the boat dock, and find the boat to Lucerne is just pulling up. This time we find a nice corner table inside and order a drink while we watch the scenery glide by. The clouds are still coming and going, so it's hazy, but we have avoided the rain.

This is from the docks in Weggis.

From the boat on our way back

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