Thursday, May 22, 2014


This afternoon we went on a brief harbor cruise to see the puffin nesting island. Some people had discouraged me from going on won't see very many puffins, they said, you won't get very close.

Well, we saw lots and lots of puffins. And while we didn't get too close to the island, they were flying right past the boat, and we saw them just fine. We also saw eider ducks, shearwaters, guillemots, and various gulls.

First, a couple of puffins

And here's an eider duck


  1. iPhone? Please tell me you took your Canon on this trip. You can't go to Iceland and Switzerland without a real camera. I like the Sun Voyager pic from yesterday. When is the moment (or day, more like) of truth about getting out of Iceland?

  2. Of course I brought my canon. I think the only iPhone pic was the one I took from the bus, because the canon was hard to access at that moment.

    We have successfully made it from Iceland to lucerne. No strike issues...yay!

  3. Oh, I see. The names of the jpgs are all iPhone photo. It's because I did the raw conversion and editing on my ipad,then export to the photo roll. I'm not totally crazy about the conversion, or maybe it's the display. The quality will be better when I have the photos at home, and use Lightroom.