Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rest of the tour

I know, this has been a long post. Lots of pictures from this tour. There' snot much left. Those were all the major stops, though we made a few quick ones on the return part of the trip. We stopped to see the animals. There were sheep:

And the beautiful Icelandic horses

And a fascinating lake made by a small lava or maybe gas explosion:

We also stopped at historic site, I what was once the most densely populated part of,Iceland...circa 1500. Now there is an excavation, a new church building and a small turf-roof chapel where the bishops residence would have been.
Here is the church, and one of the lovely stained glass windows inside.

And this is the chapel:

And that was about it for our day. Well, we did get a coule more songs on the long ride back to Keflavik. We were treated to a stirring rendition of "O Solo Mio"....not bad, but Pavorroti has nothing to worry about.

We got back,to our hotel around 5:30. We went to a nearby restaurant, called Rain, for dinner, and ate lobster soup and roast lamb tenderloin. It was quite tasty.

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