Monday, May 26, 2014

Altstadt, Luzern

Today we explored Luzern. As I said earlier, this is like a fairy tale town. There are painted buildings, decorative iron works, spires, fountains, and all sorts of decorative buildings, all lined up on a blue-green river, with a back drop of snow capped mountains.

Sadly, however, the shops might be any old touristy area in the world, from Quincy Market, to South Street seaport, to the Champs Élysées. There are high end fashion stores, electronics stores, and loads of chains. There were a lot of shops selling Lindt Chocolate and Swiss Army knives, so I suppose that counts as local. Just as shopping for me.

So a few pics from the day...
First the famous "Dying Lion of Lucerne", which honors the Swiss guard who were killed defending the royal family during the French Revolution.

A decoratively painted building in the Old Town

Chapel bridge, across the river

The pipe organ inside a very old Franciscan church



  1. OK, so I'm confused. I swear I posted a comment on one of the first pages, but it's nowhere to be found. Anyway, I asked if how you could go on this trip with only an iPhone for phtotography - because every picture is called iphone_photo.jpg on Picasa - but I saw you mention your Canon on the Geysir post, so I guess I you do have your "real" camera with you. Any idea why Picasa is so confused?

  2. I remember now. It was on the page with the Sun Voyager pic. I mentioned that I particularly liked that one. Who's deleting my comments... and why?

  3. Glad to hear you made it out of Iceland on schedule. Good luck with the weather!

  4. Your comments are on the "Puffins" entry, and I answered there. Photos are getting renamed when I export the jpgs from the editor I'm using on the ipad which is doing the raw conversion.

    I'm glad someone is reading!