Thursday, May 22, 2014

Iceland's Capitol

So Reykjavik is a fairly low, sprawling city. It sits on a large, well protected harbor, with mountains surrounding it. You know, like Honolulu without the palm trees.

The iconic structure in Reykjavik is this church, the Hallgrimskirkja. It's quite beautiful, and sits on top of a hill, so you can see this spire from all over the city. It's a Lutheran church, completed in 1986 having taken 38 years to build.

I've noticed that Icelanders have an interesting approach to public art. It is generally in a wide open space, and always seems pointed towards the sun, or sky...always reaching for something. One excellent example of this is the Sun Voyager, a sculpture right down on the harbor, and obviously inspired by a Viking ship

Of course, this wouldn't be my blog,without a mention of food. We had lunch in a Turkish restaurant in the touristy section of Reykjavik. I know, it seems out of place to have Turkish food in Iceland, but Iceland is famous for lamb. And so we had lamb kefte and shish kebab, and it was really quite good. Sorry, no picture...there will be food pictures later, I'm sure.


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