Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Golden Circle

It is just barely spring in Iceland. Up here at higher elevation there are patches of snow and the plants are still brown. Our guide tells us it will all be green in just a few weeks. It was really quite chilly.

After Pingvellir, we drove a bit further until we came to Gulfoss, one of the more amazing waterfalls I've ever seen. I'm not sure the picture will do it justice. For scale, please notice on the point on the left in the picture below..there are some people on that outcrop.

The waterfall has a couple of levels, and it pours down into a crevasse.

We had lunch at the cafe above the waterfall. They had soup...meat soup made from lamb, and creamy asparagus soup. Both were delicious, and quite welcome. It was very cold out above that waterfall. There was wind, and a light rain falling as well.

We headed out after lunch towards Geysir, a geothermal area with fact it's where we got the word "geyser". But Geysir itself is no longer active, unless there is an earthquake. Apparently the last time it blew was in 2000. The geyser called "Stokur" is quite active however, and goes off every 8-10 minutes...much more frequent than Old Faithful.

Here is the pool, in its calm state.

We got to see it blow 3 times. The first time, we were standing down hill, and I wasn't really ready so didn't get very good pictures. The second time,I wanted to be above it and a little bit closer. Also, not in the direct downwind line, since the wind was blowing the water that way. I got set to take some pictures and asked Todd if we were standing too close..."I'm not sure...I don't think so", he said. Well, he was not too close. I was, however. When it blew the second time, I got no pictures because I got thoroughly drenched. Fortunately, Todd also did not have a camera of his own so we have no pics of me looking like a wet cat.

On the third blow, I finally got some good shots.

After this, I didn't spend anymore time wandering around. I was wet, and very cold, and needed to retreat to the warm car, to try to dry off me and my camera. Definitely testing the weather seal on my Canon!

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