Saturday, May 31, 2014


We took the bus into Vevey and found a nice sandwich shop for lunch. After lunch we took a stroll on the lakeside promenade. It's lined with trees, and flowers, and the occasional statue. There are some strange trees like this one.

I think they are pruned this way to avoid blocking the lake view of the homes and hotels on the waterfront.

Charlie Chaplin lived here, and there is a statue in his honor

Also, in front of Nestles's food museum, someone stuck a fork in the lake.

Right by the boat dock, there is a playground and a fantastic carousel

After our walk, we visited the museum of photography

There were really good displays about the history of cameras and photography. I had to really work on my French, because there were no English translations on the exhibits, but just looking at the exhibits was fun. I did see an Alpa camera here

After this,we decided to take the boat back to our hotel. It's easy to just hop on the ferry outside the museum. This is our boat, we actually rode this same one 3 times.

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