Saturday, May 31, 2014


Henri Nestlé invented one of the earliest forms of baby formula using powdered milk. Alexander Cailler was the owner of a swiss chocolate factory that made some of the first milk chocolate, and earliest filled chocolates. In the early part of the depression the two companies merged, forming the basis of the giant company we know today in part for Nestlé's Quik.

The Cailler chocolate factory was built in the small town of Broc, not far from Gruyere, and is today quite a tourist attraction. They do loads of's a little Disney-esque, where you walk through displays which tell the history of chocolate. At the end there are displays with the raw ingredients, like this giant bag of cocoa beans

Finally, the best part...the tasting room where you can try as much chocolate as you like, with the only limit being you can't take the free stuff out of the room.

Of course, once you leave the room, there is a giant shop with all the chocolate you can by.

After, we hop back on our plush train for the scenic ride back to Montreux.

It's a very touristy day, but a lot of fun.

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