Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trummelbach Falls

Instead of walking back across Murren on our way down, we jumped from cable car to another cable car, heading straight down into the valley below, into the town of Stechelburg. This was one of the most interesting cable car rides because it runs right along the cliff face with several waterfalls visible. Also, this is a popular jumping off spot for base jumpers, so we could see several parachuters sailing around over our heads.

Looking at the valley from the cable car:

A base jumper sailing around the mountains:

Looking down the cliff into the Lauterbrunnen Valley from the final cable car:

At the bottom there is a Post Bus waiting, so we get on and ride just a little ways down the valley to Trummelbach Falls.
Walking from the gate to the entrance to the Falls is a riot of wildflowers:

Trummelbach falls is an amazing sight. It's a series of cascading waterfalls inside the cliff. We take an elevator most of the way to the top then climb up some steps inside tunnels that were cut inside the cliff. At various spots along the way there are overlooks where we can see the water running out of the rock, spilling down into chasms. It's amazing.

It's also very damp, and involves climbing a fair number of steps. When we finished, we stopped at the cafe for a coffee. It was our intention to walk back along the valley to Lauterbrunnen, but the steps were tough, and it's now raining, so we hope on the post bus, and then the train to make our way back to Wengen for the evening.

Here are a few shots of the falls. It's dark inside, and hard to get a good photo angle, but I hope this will convey the flavor of what we are seeing.

The Schilthorn was a bit of a dud, but Trummelbach saved the day.

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