Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last day...Zurich

So we left Brienz on Friday morning to take the train to Zurich where we would spend our last night before heading home. The first leg of the journey takes us to Luzern on one piece of the "golden Pass" line (which if you've been reading, we already rode part of on our way from Zweissimen to Montreux. The missing piece, between Zweissimen and Interlaken we mostly covered on our trip that took us from Montreux to Zermatt to Interlaken.)

This section has lovely rolling hills, lakes and farmland. The tallest mountains retreat behind us as we roll.

A quick view from our train window
Zurich is kind of an underated city.  Yes, its a modern city best known for banking, But it has a lovely historic district, a few nice museums, and a couple of fabulous churches. We arrived, checked into our hotel and had lunch. But we didn't have a lot of time. We strolled through the old town, and window shopped.

A view of the old city:
The doors on the Grossmunster

The Fraumunster:

This last church was one I specifically wanted to visit.  Because those tall stained glass windows that you can see in this picture (well, you can see the trip of windows on the main body of the church, but can't really see the detail) were designed and built by Marc Chagall when he was nearly 80 years old in 1970. They are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside. But you can get a good look at them here.  Definitely worth seeing if you are ever in Zurich.

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