Monday, June 2, 2014

Next up...a gorgeous view

Saturday we are due to leave Montreux, to make our way to Wengen. We awaken that morning to fog, clouds and drizzle. That can't be right...I was hoping for this to be a nice day! So I check the weather reports and look at the webcams and decide this bad weather is localized to the lake. We will go ahead with our plans. We pack up our bags, and go grab breakfast at the bakery next door. Then we head to the station, check our bags on to Wengen, and board a train for Visp. It's only a few minutes out of Montreux when the sky begins to clear, and it's sunny and beautiful. Excellent!

We arrive in Visp a little after 10AM. Instead of heading directly to Wengen, we turn south, and board the train headed for Zermatt. It's maybe 11:30 when we roll into Zermatt and get our first glimpse of the mighty Matterhorn above the town. We stroll across the street and buy tickets on the Gornergrat cog rail, and then begins the amazing climb into the mountains. The sky is now crystal blue with a few puffy clouds. Some of them cluster around the peak itself. Finally, we arrive in Gornergrat, where we are greeted by this sight

Amazing, isn't it? I wasn't sure the timing would work. And the trip from Zermatt to our accommodations in Wengen is a pain. But this side trip was utterly worth it. I heard a lady at the gift shop saying this was the nicest weather they had for a week.

I did have a minor bout of altitude sickness at the top, which is 3100 meters up. I just felt a little dizzy and had a headache. Not too bad, but I had to remember to move slow and take it easy.

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