Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hanging out in Wengen

After all the train riding and sightseeing of the last few days, we decided we needed a down day. The weather isn't so great today anyways, and we're both feeling a bit tired. So we decided to just hang out in Wengen. It's really not necessary to go anywhere to find beautiful views. We hang out on our balcony for a bit. Then we took a nice walk on the small road that rings the town. It's peaceful, and the views across the valley, and of the snowcapped peaks are incredible.

We had lunch in town at a pizzeria called Da Sina. Why can't we get pizza like this at home? I love the hand tossed, very thin crust, crispy pizza that we've found in Italy and here in Switzerland. It's delicious.

It's a quiet day, topped off with dinner in our hotel restaurant and a lovely bottle of Swiss wine. The Swiss do make some very fine wines, a white grape called chasselas and a red called cornalin. We have had excellent bottles of both. Sadly, they don't export much of it.

I think this is the only day of the trip when we don't ride any kind of mass transit.

Some pictures from around Wengen:

This is a viewpoint just down hill from our hotel:

Looking back at Wengen:

A view across the valley towards Murren:

A small cascade on the road outside of town

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