Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting Started...

Yes, another trip, another blog.  This time we'll be stopping first in Iceland for a couple of days, and then on to Switzerland which we will tour entirely by train, boat, cablecar, bus, and whatever other public transit is available. So this blog will have pictures of scenery, transportation, and, of course, food :)

Our itinerary:

Take from Boston, fly to Kefalvik, Iceland where we will stay 3 nights in the Hotel Keflavik.

Then we have a morning flight to Lucerne. We'll hop on a train to Lucerne where we will stay 3 nights.

Then we'll take the golden pass line to Montreux, perhaps stopping in Bern along the way. We've booked VIP seats in the front of the train for the final leg of the journey, from Zwiessiman  into Montreux.  We'll stay 4 nights there, including a day trip to Gruyeres and Broc on the Chocolate train.

After Montreux, we head to Wengen for 4 days in the mountains of the Berner Oberland.

We'll leave Wengen for a 2 night stay in's very close by, but it will be a change of scenery, and allow us an easy trip to see the Ballenburg Village Museum. Perhaps we'll also manage to see the Giessbach falls, or take the train up the Rothern.

And finally, from Brienz we'll train to Zurich for one last night before we fly out.

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  1. If you find your way to Ballaigues (population about 900, an hour west of Montreux, half-hour west of Lausanne) see if you can find anything about where they used to make the 35mm Alpa cameras. I've had one since about 1971. Maybe there's an historical marker of some kind. If you do, take some pix for me!

    Have a good trip, and good luck with the travel. I hope you manage to avoid the pilots' strike in Iceland.